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Government Licenses, Permits and Insignias

Licenses, permits and vehicle identification plates and insignias are manufactured using LifeTime® nameplate quality aluminum foil. This substrate has proven to stand up under the harshest of environmental conditions. Large easy to read stamped and ink filled or permanently anodized numbers or letters are dyed into the grain structure of the aluminum base material, then chemically sealed to provide years of service.

We suggest using bright anodized colors that contrast well with background colors to provide quick identification, even from a moving vehicle. Licenses and permits can have security cuts added as a further assurance of non-transferability.

Panel Fronts

Panel Fronts and Overlays

Panel fronts and overlays are manufactured with a wide range of materials to deliver the performance characteristics and extended life you are looking for. Choose from long lasting and rugged anodized aluminum for applications exposed to harsh environments. We also handle a wide variety of non-metallic materials which can be used in laminated layers to provide unique operating characteristics. Back lighted, dead front, LED/LCD display window areas, utilizing selectively textured and/or hardcoated polyester or polycarbonate substrates can also be incorporated into your design.

Property ID

Property Identification Tags

Customized property identification tags are designed to provide years of easy to recognize graphics. Choose pre-printed serialized numbers or imprint your own number sequence using a dot matrix printer, typewriter or even a ballpoint pen.
A wide selection of matierals is available to give you the best performance and value for your application. Choose From:
•Flexible aluminum foil with graphics etched into surface
•Imprinted aluminum, vinyl or Mylar with a space provided for inputing text with pen, printer, etc.
•Heavy gauge rigid aluminum with pre-drilled mounting holes, or backed with a permanent adhesive.
•Tamper-proof vinyl tags which cannot be removed in one piece. Tags self-destruct upon attempted removal and application to another piece of property.

OEM Spec & Serial No.

OEM Specification and Serial No. Tags

These long-lasting namplates are made of anodized and color-dyed aluminum foil, available in 12 colors with color and graphicsa etched and sealed right into the aluminum surface. This process ensures that the graphic information can never crack, chip or peel off the surface.
Sayre can also supply nameplates in heavy gauge aluminum with pre-drilled mounting holes.
Nameplates can also be manufactured using a variety of non-metallic materials where special color matching is required, or the intended use will not be subjected to such rigorous demands as those which anodized aluminum can withstand.

Barcode Tags

Barcode Tags

Bar code tags give you instant error-free, unduplicated, machine readable identification for production parts, or company property. A variety of bar code symbologies are available.
If your bar code will be used over an extended period of time or subjected to cleaning solvents, abrasion, direct sunlight, salt spray or high temperatures choose anodized aluminum. The bar code is dyed right into the grain structure of the aluminum then chemically sealed so that it can never crack, chip, fade or peel off.
Bar codes made using non-metallic materials are selected for the following reasons: non-conductivity, high resolution for superior machine readability and low cost.

Warning, Instruction, Info Tags

Warning, Instruction, Info Tags

Information, warning and instruction tags are created using a wide variety of substrates. Sayre's product specialists can recommend the best and most cost-effective combination of material, color, graphics and adhesive for your specific application.

Where long lasting durability and exposure to harsh environments are considerations, we recommend using anodized aluminum and color dyed aluminum foil because graphics and color actually become part of the base material. This means there can never be any cracking, peeling or chipping of graphics.

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